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Refer new customers to softmudi using your affiliate link and you will receive 10% of any their purchases. Our affiliate tracking cookie lasts 90 days. You will receive commission from all customers that sign up within 90 days after clicking on your affiliate links.

Creating your affiliate links
To be able to use our affiliate program. You will need to link to Softmudi using your affiliate links.

Add "?ref=USERNAME" to a link, replace USERNAME with your Softmudi username and you are ready to go. 

Here are some examples:

Frontpage: https://www.Softmudi.com?ref=USERNAME 
Item page: https://www.Softmudi.com/items/1/a-very-great-source-code-component.html?ref=USERNAME 
Category listing: https://www.Softmudi.com/categories/2/Objective-C?ref=USERNAME